Gram and Kilogram Worksheets

Explore this array of metric unit conversion worksheets and expedite your practice of converting between grams and kilograms! Including a plethora of printable exercises such as comparing two masses in grams and kilograms, converting measures in grams to kilograms and vice versa, and filling the missing measure on a balance scale, this set of exercises guarantees students of grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 an instantaneous-yet-exponential progress in their scores. Access some of these worksheets for free, and subscribe for complete access!

Conversion from Gram to Kilogram

Assuring key upgrades in converting from grams to kilograms and comparing two measures and offering a few one-liner questions on conversions, this pdf practice set is a must-have for 4th grade children.

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Conversion from Kilogram to Gram

How many grams make 3 kilograms? Respond to such questions like an ace conversion scholar, with these pdf worksheets. Multiply the given measures by 1000. That's all it takes to successfully convert into grams!

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Conversion between Gram and Kilogram | Balance Scales

Help 3rd grade children ace the concept of equivalence between grams and kilograms with the balance scales here! The task is to fill in the right pan of the scale with a mass equivalent to the one on the left pan.

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Conversion between Kilogram and Gram

Refine your skills in conversion from grams to kilograms and kilograms to grams, and boost your grasp of comparison of the measures in the two units, with the wealth of exercises included in each printable here.

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Conversion between Gram and Kilogram | Type 1

If you are lagging behind your peers in quickly converting between grams and kilograms, look no further! This 5th grade resource, which contain both examples and 45+ practice problems, is a surefire cure!

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Conversion between Gram and Kilogram | Type 2

Progress like never before and convert to and from kilograms and grams with utmost confidence, using these printable worksheets! Implement the conversion factor: 1 kilogram = 1000 grams, so you stay guided.

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