Meter and Kilometer Worksheets

Tom's house is 900 meters away from Jerry's; Spike and Jerry are a kilometer apart. Whom do you think is nearer to Jerry? You guessed it right; it's Tom. Distances are determined by units and not just numbers. Keep 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade children informed of the usage and conversion of the two metric units of length or distance: meters and kilometers, with this bunch of unit conversion worksheets. The skills covered here include converting integer and decimal measures from meters to kilometers and vice versa and comparing measures with the two units. Plug into our free worksheets and kick-start your practice!

Conversion from Meter to Kilometer

Delve into practice with this printable resource for grade 3, and carry out the conversion from meter to kilometer like a pro! To convert the indicated measures from meters to kilometers, divide them by 1000.

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Conversion from Kilometer to Meter

Effect a giant stride to up your practice with these pdf worksheets for grade 4! Multiply the given kilometer measures by 1000 to convert them to meters. The measures are presented as integers as well as decimals.

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Conversion between Kilometer and Meter | Integers

Make kids competent to compare measures in meters and kilometers using the symbols: <, =, > and convert between the two units using the conversion formula, with this stock of printable worksheets.

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Conversion between Meter and Kilometer | Type 1

Give your skills a much-needed boost with these pdfs featuring measures in decimal and integer dimensions! Use the formula: 1 kilometer = 1000 meters to convert between kilometers and meters.

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Conversion between Meter and Kilometer | Type 2

Transform grade 5 children into young prodigies that convert between kilometers and meters with poise! Hand out this effective example-rich practice set, and watch them finish the task on a high note!

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