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One-step equation worksheets have exclusive pages to solve the equations involving fractions, integers, and decimals. Perform the addition and subtraction operation to solve the equations in just one-step.

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Integers: Level 1

In these worksheets, solve each one-step equation using addition and subtraction operations. In 'Level 1', all the integers and variables given are positive.

Integers: Level 2

In 'Level 2', both positive and negative values of integers are used in each equation. Each worksheet has 10 problems for practice.

Fractions: Level 1

In these worksheets, a variety of one-step equations which involve addition and subtraction of fractions are here for children. 'Level 1' contains equations with proper and improper fractions.

Fractions: Level 2

In level 2, one-step equations have mixed numbers as their coefficients. Convert the mixed numbers to fractions and solve the equations for a complete practice.

Decimals: Addition and Subtraction

This section involves addition and subtraction operation to solve each one-step equation. Decimal numbers are the only terms used in these worksheets.

One-Step Equations: Integers, fractions and decimals

Each worksheet has ten equations which involve addition and subtraction operation. A combination of integers, fractions and decimals are used in these equations.

One Step Equation Word Problems

Access this series of tenaciously prepared one-step equation word problems that require multiple arithmetic operations to solve them.

One StepEquation Word Problems

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