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One-Step Equation Word Problems | Equation Worksheets

This page encompasses a compilation of worksheets on one-step equation word problems that are custom-made for learners of grades 6, 7, and 8. One-step equation word problems with coefficients involving integers, fractions and decimals are incorporated here. Use the real-life word problems to assist students improve their analytical thinking.

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Addition and Subtraction: Integers

Read each of the 15 word problems spread over three worksheets. Get students to frame one-step equations and apply either addition or subtraction operations to find the value of the unknown.

Addition and Subtraction: Fractions and Decimals

Frame equations with fractions and decimals. Solve the equation and find the solution. This series of word problems helps students grasp the basics of one-step equations.

Multiplication and Division: Integers

Read each word problem and interpret them into one-step equations. To isolate the variable from the equation, multiply or divide an integer on both sides. Use the answer key to verify your responses.

Multiplication and Division: Fractions and Decimals

Use multiplication or division operations to solve the obtained equation. Test a student's comprehension in forming one-step equations with word problems that feature an assortment of fractions and decimals.

Multiple choice questions

Read the word problems that comprise a mix of integers, fractions and decimal numbers attentively. Choose the one-step equation that best matches the scenarios given here.

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