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These printable one-step equation worksheets involve the multiplication and division operation to solve them. Given below are separate exercises for equations which involve integers, fractions and decimals coefficients.

Integers: Level 1

Solve the one-step equations by performing multiplication and division operation. 'Level 1' has simple equations for the beginners.

Integers: Level 2

In 'Level 2' the complexity of the problems increases. Solve each one-step equation by multiplying and dividing them. Each worksheet has 10 problems for practice.

Fractions: Level 1

These printable worksheets have proper and improper fractions in their coefficients. The worksheets can be used for students from 6th grade through 8th grade.

Fractions: Level 2

In 'Level 2' fraction worksheets, mixed numbers become the coefficients of the given equations. Perform the multiplication and division operation to solve them.

Decimals: Multiplication and Division

Multiply and divide to solve each one-step equation. The terms used here are combinations of decimals and integers. Download these worksheets to give ample practice to students.

One-Step Equations: Integers, fractions and decimals

A mix of integers, fractions and decimals are used to form equations in these worksheets. These worksheets are mixed review pages for children.

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