Addition Properties Worksheets

Addition properties practice sheets contain commutative and associative properties of addition, additive identity and additive inverse. Mixed worksheets covering all addition properties included.

Commutative Property of Addition

Identify the Correct Choice

There are four properties of addition as choices. Identify the commutative property of addition from the choices.

Commutative Property 1

Commutative Property 2

Addition Sentence

Use commutative property of addition to rewrite the addition sentence and find the sum.

Commutative property of addition worksheets

Addition Sentence 1

Addition Sentence 2

Associative Property of Addition

Multiple Choices

Identify the associative property of addition from the list of choices.

Associative Property 1

Associative Property 2

Associative Property and Braces

Put the braces in the addition equations to satisfy the associative property of addition.

Associative property of addition worksheets

Insert the Braces 1

Insert the Braces 2

Addition Identity and Additive Inverse

Missing Numbers

Use addition identity property or additive inverse property to fill in the missing number.

Identity and Inverse: Easy

Identity and Inverse: Moderate

Addition Properties: Special Focus

Identify the Properties

Identify what addition property is used in each question.

Addition properties worksheet

Identifying Property 1

Identifying Property 2

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