Making 10 | Addition Strategy Worksheets

Making 10 worksheets are a surefire way to skyrocket your mental addition fluency. This handy tool helps kids in kindergarten and grade 1 to think flexibly and to manipulate numbers in different ways. With adding numbers up to 10 being the introductory step, and gradually increasing to adding numbers within 20, these pdfs get kids acquainted with the making 10 addition strategy using the ten-frames: a trend that's never going away, followed by identifying number pairs that make a 10, and wrap up with a twist of splitting up an addend to manageable parts bridging to 10. Our answer key feature is a time-saver making evaluations a piece of cake. Head toward the bigger goal of mental math with our free making 10 worksheet.

Making 10 on Ten-Frames

When ten-frames, shapes, and addition come together, the result is fluency in adding numbers within 10. Get kindergarten kids to sketch a few shapes to complete the partially-filled ten-frames in these printable making 10 worksheets, count the extra shapes and complete the equation.

pdf 1

pdf 2

pdf 3

Making Ten to Add

Go from being good to great in applying the strategy of making ten to add with these pdf worksheets. Addition equations with three addends await your 1st grade kids. Look for the number pair that makes a ten, group as shown in the example, add the third number and find the sum.

printable 1

printable 2

printable 3

Addition within 20 Using the Making 10 Strategy

Reignite your kid's love for math with these making 10 addition strategy worksheets that come with a twist. Kids need to break up the second number in the equation into two parts. Then combine the first number with the part that bridges to 10 and find the sum.

practice 1

practice 2

practice 3