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Comparing Fractions Worksheets

Comparing fraction worksheets contain pie model, fraction strips and pictorial representation in comparing fractions; identifying largest and smallest fraction (like and unlike); comparing positive and negative fractions; solving and comparing fractions and more.

Visual Fractions - Comparison

Comparing Picture Fractions

Two graphics divided into parts and partially shaded. Identify the fraction representation of shaded parts and fill in the box with 'greater than','less than' or 'equal to' symbol.

Picture Comparison 1

Picture Comparison 2

Color the Pie and Compare

Two pies and the fractions are given. Shade the pie according to the fraction. Compare the shaded portion to identify which fraction is greater or lesser or equal.

Pie Comparison 1

Pie Comparison 2

Fraction Strip

Two fraction strips are partially shaded and the fraction of shaded part is given. Compare the shaded part to identify which fraction is more or less or equal.

Comparing Fraction Strips 1

Comparing Fraction Strips 2

Color and Compare the Fraction Strip

Comparing worksheets include the fraction strips that are not shaded. According to the fraction provided for each strip, shade the fraction strip and compare them.

Color and Compare 1

Color and Compare 2

Identify the Largest Fraction

Comparing fraction worksheet has a pair of fractions or set of fractions. Circle the fraction that is greatest in value.

Like Fractions

Largest Fraction 1

Largest Fraction 2

Unlike Fractions

Greatest Fraction 1

Greatest Fraction 2

Larger Fractions

You should pick out all the fractions that are larger than the given fraction.

Larger Like Fractions

Larger Unlike Fractions

Identify the Smallest Fraction

Compare the fractions and pick out the smallest one.

Like Fractions

Smallest Fraction 1

Smallest Fraction 2

Unlike Fractions

Least Fraction 1

Least Fraction 2

Smaller Fractions

Compare the fraction from the group of fractions and pick out the all possible fractions that are smaller than the given.

Smaller Like Fractions

Smaller Unlike Fractions

Comparing Fractions - More Worksheets

More simple worksheets added for extra practice.

Negative Fractions

Compare the negative fractions to identify which is largest or smallest.

Comparing Negative Fractions - Easy

Comparing Negative Fractions - Moderate

Positive - Negative Fractions

This section contains worksheets that include both positive and negative fractions.

Positive and Negative - Easy

Positive and Negative - Moderate

Comparing Like Fraction Worksheets

Compare Proper Fractions

Compare Improper Fractions

Compare Mixed Numbers

Comparing Like Fractions - Mixed Review

Comparing Unlike Fraction Worksheets

Proper Fraction

Improper Fraction

Mixed Numbers

Mixed Review

Solve and Compare the Fractions

Solve Addition and Compare

Separate worksheets provided for comparing like and unlike fractions.

Compare Addition - Like Fractions

Compare Addition - Unlike Fractions

Solve Subtraction and Compare

Solve the fractions on both sides and then fill in the box with >, < or = symbol.

Compare Subtraction - Like Fractions

Compare Subtraction - Unlike Fractions

Solve Multiplication and Compare

We have two sides, right and left. Both sides may have fraction in simplest form or fractions to solve. Do the necessary and compare the fractions.

Comparing Multiplication 1

Comparing Multiplication 2

Solve Division and Compare

Divide or simplify the fractions on both sides and then compare.

Comparing Division 1

Comparing Division 2

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