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Comparing Mixed Numbers Worksheets

Make the most of our printable comparing mixed numbers worksheets, which in no time enable you to compare mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators like a pro! These mixed number comparison pdf worksheets for grade 4 and grade 5 incorporate exercises on comparing two mixed numbers using <, >, and = symbols and determining the largest or smallest number from a set of three mixed numbers. Take a firm first step toward practicing this challenging comparison with our free worksheets!

Comparing Mixed Numbers with the Same Denominator

Let your comparison skills be in good shape by comparing mixed numbers with like denominators in this 4th grade resource! Compare the numerals in the whole parts and the numerators of the fractional parts.

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pdf 3

Comparing Mixed Numbers with Different Denominators

1 2/3 ? 1 4/6. What does the question mark signify? It's an = sign, meaning both mixed numbers are equivalent! Analyze mixed numbers with unlike denominators; compare them using <, >, and = symbols.

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Comparing Mixed Numbers

A must-have for 5th grade students, these printable mixed number comparison worksheets upgrade into comparing 3 mixed numbers! Identify the largest mixed number in part A and the smallest in part B.

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practice 2

practice 3

Comparing Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Our pdf comparing mixed numbers worksheets are a treasure trove of exciting comparison review! Examine the mixed number pairs, generate equivalent mixed numbers if necessary, and plug in the apt signs.

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