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Ordering Fractions Worksheets

This page includes close to 50 printable worksheets on ordering fractions and mixed numbers, designed for students of grade 3 through grade 6. It contains ordering fractions in ascending and descending order; ordering like fractions, mixed numbers and negative fractions; and more. Our free ordering fractions are definitely worth a try!

Ascending Order - Least to Greatest

This set of 3rd grade and 4th grade ordering Worksheets contain like or unlike fractions with 3 or 4 terms. Arrange the fractions in increasing order.

Least to Greatest Fraction: 3 terms

Like Fraction 1

Like Fraction 2

Unlike Fraction 1

Unlike Fraction 2

Least to Greatest Fraction: 4 terms

Like Fractions 3

Like Fractions 4

Unlike Fractions 3

Unlike Fractions 4

Descending Order - Greatest to Least

Arrange the fractions in decreasing order. Separate printable worksheets provided for like and unlike fractions.

Greatest to Least Fraction: 3 terms

Ordering Like Fractions 1

Ordering Like Fractions 2

Ordering Unlike Fractions 1

Ordering Unlike Fractions 2

Greatest to Least Fraction: 4 terms

Ordering Like Fractions 3

Ordering Like Fractions 4

Ordering Unlike Fractions 3

Ordering Unlike Fractions 4

Arrange the Like Fractions: A Special Focus

Numbering Fractions

Compare the fractions and number the least fraction as 1, next larger fraction as 2 and so on. Only like fractions are used.

Ascending Order - 4 terms

Ascending Order - 5 terms

Descending Order - 4 terms

Descending Order - 5 terms

Fractions in Table

There are two rows in a table with the jumbled fractions in the first row and empty boxes in the second row. Fill in the position taken by the fractions.

Increasing Order - 5 terms

Increasing Order - 6 terms

Decreasing Order - 5 terms

Decreasing Order - 6 terms

Ordering Mixed Numbers

One can easily arrange mixed numbers by comparing the whole numbers. But it is really challengeable if the whole numbers are same and fraction parts are different. Print these pdf worksheets and put the mixed numbers in the right order.

Ordering Mixed Numbers: Like

Arrange Small to Big 1

Arrange Small to Big 2

Arrange Big to Small 1

Arrange Big to Small 2

Ordering Mixed Numbers: Unlike

Arrange Small to Big 3

Arrange Small to Big 4

Arrange Big to Small 3

Arrange Big to Small 4

Ordering Negative Fractions

Ordering negative fractions are quite opposite to arranging positive fractions. The greatest positive fraction becomes least if we take negative for all the positive fractions on the list. Apply this and order the fractions in these pdf worksheets for 5th grade and 6th grade students.

Negative Fractions: Like

Least to Greatest 1

Least to Greatest 2

Greatest to Least 1

Greatest to Least 2

Negative Fractions: Unlike

Least to Greatest 3

Least to Greatest 4

Greatest to Least 3

Greatest to Least 4

Ordering Positive and Negative Fractions

All negative fractions are smaller than positive fractions. Real comparison begins between the positive or negative fractions.

Positive or Negative: Like

Increasing Order 1

Increasing Order 2

Decreasing Order 1

Decreasing Order 2

Positive or Negative: Unlike

Increasing Order 3

Increasing Order 4

Decreasing Order 3

Decreasing Order 4