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Canadian Money Worksheets

Get moneywise with our printable counting Canadian money worksheets curated for kids of grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5. Blended with fun the PDFs offer some valuable money management skills and impart basic recognition and value of coins and bills with engaging exercises such as counting nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies, toonies and dollar bills. Learn to check if an item is affordable, get some practice in spending and saving as well. Kick into gear with our free worksheets!

Counting Nickels, Dimes and Quarters up to 25 cents

Make kids understand that number and value are two different things as they count coins of different denominations and write their value in terms of dollars in the space provided.

Counting Coins | Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Loonies and Toonies

Can you work out the total amount in dollars by counting the coins in each money problem? Learn to count a combination of coins of different values, as the loonie and toonie get added too.

Counting Canadian Money | Coins & $5 Bills

Are you looking for a fun hands-on activity to develop money skills? This array of printable worksheets introduce the $5 bills along with coins that 3rd grade and 4th grade kids are already familiar with. Count and write the correct value.

Counting Canadian Money | Coins & $5, $ 10 Bills

Reinforce counting Canadian bills and coins up to $10 in a more interesting and engaging way. Let kids count bills and coins and write the value in the space provided.

A Shopping Spree | Match Items to Money

What’s more fun than shopping for stuff you love? Count the bills and coins that are ≤ $100 in easy level and ≥$100 in the moderate level. Map the price tag with the amount and write the corresponding alphabet.

Level: Easy, Moderate (3 worksheets each)

Count & Match | Canadian Money to Value

Teach kids vital skills that they will use the rest of their lives. Let kids count the coins and bills, comprehend the value of money and make one-to-one correspondence between the count and value.

Equivalent Canadian Money | Count & Match

Enumerate the coins and bills on either side. Kids in 4th grade and 5th grade can write the values and match the ones with equivalent amounts to complete this pack of Canadian money matching pdf worksheets.

Counting Canadian Money | MCQ

Add some variety to the money worksheets with these printable exercises. Let kids count money and choose the option with the correct value and hone their money counting skills.

Canadian Money: Buy it Right!

How about going on a shopping spree, now that we know how to keep an account? Indulge in this hands-on, cut and paste activity pdf to spend sensibly on your shopping, all well within your budget.

Do I have enough Canadian Money?

Enjoy the privilege of helping these shoppers to determine if they can make their purchases or not! Go ahead and count the Canadian bills and coins in these printable grade 4 worksheets to enable some happy shopping.

Saving Smart | Canadian Money

The iconic Piggy bank is perhaps the most exciting incentive for children, isn't it? That's exactly what These pdf currency counting worksheets are all about! So find out how much wisdom of saving these kids have.