Linear Pairs of Angles Worksheets

Explore our myriad collection of printable worksheets on linear pairs of angles for profound practical knowledge of this concept. In all likelihood, students of grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 have learned that two angles are linear if they are adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines. So long as they're surrounded with these pdfs and answer keys, working with linear pairs of angles will be very easy. Take a sneak peek at our free resources!

Identifying Linear Pairs of Angles

Put your geometry skills to test with these worksheets where 6th grade students identify all the linear pairs by searching for sets of angles that are adjacent and supplementary in part A and find the linear pair of the specified angle in part B.

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Finding the Measure of the Unknown Angle

Enjoy the companionship of angles like never before with our printable linear pairs of angles worksheets! Find the unknown angle in each linear pair by subtracting the known angle measure from 180°.

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Finding Unknown Angles in Linear Pairs | Word Problems

Upskill 7th grade students using this nice spectrum of linear pairs pdf worksheets with illustrations and word problems. Task them with finding the measure of the indicated angle in a linear pair of angles that add up to 180°.

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Algebra in Linear Pairs | One-Step Equations

Algebra teaming up with geometry is double the dose of fun! The linear pairs of angles are always supplementary, so solve for x in just one step by equating the sum of the linear expression and known angle measure to 180°.

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Algebra in Linear Pairs | Two-Step Equations

Grade 8 students set up an equation using the given algebraic expression and the angle measure and find the value of x by solving the equation in two steps. Algebra and geometry are at it together in these linear pairs of angles exercises.

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