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3D Shapes in Real-Life Worksheets

From traffic cones and spherical globes, to cans and dices 3D shapes are everywhere. Develop real-world connections with this stock of printable worksheets on 3D shapes in real-life. Examples and everyday objects help children of kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 to connect and comprehend the concept effortlessly. Tapped in these pdfs are a variety of exercises like circling, matching, coloring, cut and glue activities to choose from and build skills in identifying the 3D shapes resembling real-life objects. Get the ball rolling with our free worksheets.

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3D Shapes & Real-Life Objects | Chart

Looking for 3D shapes in real-life is arguably way more fun, with this printable chart featuring the most appropriate illustrations of real-life for each 3D figure.

Circling Real-life Objects Resembling 3D Shapes

Bringing in real-world connections to explain concepts expose students to the bigger picture. Get kindergarten and grade 1 kids to circle the object that resembles the 3-dimensional shape in this pdf.

Matching 3D Shapes with Their Lookalikes

Does a bauble remind you of a sphere? Do you see a triangular prism in a Toblerone? If your answer is "Yes", then pairing up each 3D figure with its real-life representation in this worksheet is an easy ride for you.

Coloring Everyday 3D Shapes

For those looking for an interesting 3D figures activity for 1st grade and 2nd grade kids, this pdf on coloring the real-life 3D shapes using the color code is an obvious choice in buffing up identification skills.

3D Shapes & Real-Life Objects | Cut and Glue Activity

Quick to fit in and giving the right amount of repetition this cut and glue activity on 3-dimensional shapes with real-life objects is a crowd pleaser. Get kids to snip the real-life object cards and glue them below the corresponding 3D shape.

Identifying 3D Shapes in Real-World Objects

A can of soda resembles a cylinder, and a party hat looks like a cone. Turn this into a fun activity by describing the real-life object and letting kids guess the 3D figure the object looks like.

Identifying and Drawing 3D Shapes in Real-Life Objects

Get your kids to observe each real-life object and relate it to the 3D shape. Direct them to write the name of the shape and draw the basic solid shape it looks like in this printable worksheet.