Area of an Annulus Worksheets

Burst into practice with our printable area of an annulus worksheets and get a jump on your grade 8 and high school peers! Concentric circles are circles with the same center but different radii. With pdf exercises that flit between three levels of difficulty, children learn by rote the formula and work out the area between two concentric circles or the annular region. They use the whole-number and decimal radii and adeptly determine the area of circular rings. Get a wiggle on, for you must try our free worksheet on the area of an annulus!

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Area of an Annulus - Easy

Point out to 8th grade children the ring-shaped region bounded by a pair of concentric circles as the annular region and uplift them with guided practice on finding the area of circular rings in terms of π.

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Area of an Annulus - Moderate

Scoop up these pdf worksheets on the area between two concentric circles and help high school students press on! Subtract the area of the inner circle from the area of the outer circle to obtain the area of an annulus.

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Area of an Annulus - Difficult

Chock-a-block with rings having decimal radii, these printables are by far the hardest of all. Plug the radii(R & r) of the concentric circles in the formula A = π(R2 - r2) to find the area of the shaded region in between.

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