Counting Backward by 2s Worksheets

What comes next in the sequence: 34, 32, 30, ?? Yes, you got it right! It's 28. Get to the heart of two key topics underlying such patterns: subtraction and descending order, with our printable skip counting backward by 2s worksheets for grade 1 and grade 2. Finding the missing numbers in the sequence, solving mazes, and counting backward on number lines are only a few exercises that make this pdf set. As always, some of these worksheets are free.

Counting Backward by 2s | Partially Filled

Acquaint 1st grade and 2nd grade kids with the fact that counting by 2s separates even numbers from the whole number sequence. Let them count down by 2s and fill the missing even numbers in these pdfs.

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Counting Backward by 2s on Number Lines

What better way for backward counting to kick off than with a spirited stock of number lines? This set renders number lines with partially filled intervals. Count backward by 2s and fill in the missing numbers.

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Find Missing Numbers by Counting Backward by 2s | Standard

Don't be content with anything but the best while counting backward by 2s! These printable worksheets for grade 1 and grade 2 present rows of boxes. Plug the numbers in the empty boxes and go the whole hog!

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  • practice 3
  • practice 4
  • practice 5

Find Missing Numbers by Counting Backward by 2s | Theme-Based

Here's another fun resource for kiddos! Numbered circles make the body of the caterpillars. Some numbers have gone missing. Skip count backward by 2s and number the empty circles.

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Complete the Path by Counting Backward by 2s

Amanda needs to cross the pond, but the stone bridge requires some repair. Skip count backward by 2s, number the blank stones, fix the bridge, and help her reach the other side of the pond!

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  • exercise 3

Counting Backward by 2s | Mazes

Can you solve a maze by applying your skip-counting skills? Tour through these simple-yet-exciting mazes, count down by 2s, color the numbers in the sequence, and set the characters on the right path!

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Counting Backward by 2s | Display Charts

Enrapture kids with these printable charts featuring kangaroos that hop and fish that dance upon counting down by 2s. Also, make them move their little fingers over the train track and establish 'descending order'.

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  • chart 3

Completing the Backward Sequence

An excellent material for in-class activities, these worksheets are a real treat. Let your little ones flex their counting skills and complete the backward sequence. Practice, perform, and prosper!

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Skip Counting by 2s Worksheets

Looking for practice on skip counting forward by 2s? You are in the right place. Navigate through these printable exercises, activities, and charts and gain an in-depth knowledge of the even number sequence!

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