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Counting Backward Worksheets

Convert every backward skip counting task into a joy that you are most expectantly awaiting the arrival of and can't get enough of, with our printable backward counting by 2s through 12s worksheets for grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4! Let not counting down feel like a chore that you are battling with and most of the time wish just didn't exist! Follow the concept of counting by subtraction or counting in ascending order to a tee, and you will be fine. The resources include blank charts, display charts, completing number lines, solving mazes, and more. Access some of these worksheets for free.

List of Counting Backward Worksheets

Explore the Counting Backward Worksheets in Detail

Counting Backward by 2s

Feel the irresistible charm of counting down with our backward counting by 2s worksheets. Make the most of our display and blank charts, mazes, themed and standard exercises, and more. Backward counting will now be a most likable and lovable affair.

Counting Backward by 3s

Reward yourself with an utterly extraordinarily delicious learning feast, with our backward counting by 3s worksheets. Subtract by 3 and follow descending order in everything that you do, and success will be all yours. This is most appropriate for grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3.

Counting Backward by 4s

Great students display exceptional accomplishments in all that they do, including counting backward by 4s. This compilation of printable practice tasks allows young learners to have a hallmark of brilliance shine through in their skip counting endeavors.

Counting Backward by 5s

Push your counting down by 5s practice beyond every limit that it knows. All of the pdf resources here – especially the ones where you complete number lines with correct numbers and the ones where you help people find their paths – are a special treat to work with. Best for 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade.

Counting Backward by 6s

Be an inspirational backward-counting pro that your peers look at with awe and admiration. Let them know your path to success in counting down by 6s was not always strewn with flowers, though. Say a special thank you to the pdf number lines, themed worksheets, and blank charts without which you would be miserable.

Counting Backward by 7s

The best way to take on backward counting by 7s is by falling for its numerical charisma. Every time you are answering a question or filling in a blank in these worksheets, make sure you are subtracting by 7. In other words, unlike counting forward, the numbers here keep dropping rather than rising as you progress.

Counting Backward by 8s

Love it or loathe it, backward counting by 8s is an indispensable part of your early math learning. There is a world of expertise and enthusiasm in store for you in our practice resources, which include partially filled charts, blank charts, path-finding in mazes worksheets, and more. Appropriate for grade 2 and grade 3.

Counting Backward by 9s

Watch your peers root for you as their favorite in-house backward counting champion. Be well-versed in counting down by 9s with these printable materials. From charts to number lines to mazes to more, this set has pretty much everything that you will be pleased with while practicing the skill.

Counting Backward by 10s

Backward counting becomes a terrifically appealing affair when it comes to 10s. Be sure you are going by descending order rather than ascending order. These fun, easy-to-use pdf resources include standard and theme-based tasks, number lines, and much more.

Counting Backward by 11s

Practice counting down by 11s not just for a day or two; go great guns in it so you ace it for a lifetime. Spend twice as much time with the printable worksheets that you feel more comfortable or at home with. Fill the missing numbers in number lines, complete the paths with multiples of 11, and more.

Counting Backward by 12s

You now have transformed from a blossoming backward-counting aspirant to a high-flying counting titan. The basic idea of counting by subtracting remains the same in counting down by 12s also. Take advantage of our pdf display charts and blank charts especially designed for you. Best for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade.

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