Counting Backward by 3s Worksheets

If you are familiar with counting by subtracting and counting in the descending order, you will count backward with the same ease as you will forward. Grab our printable skip counting backward by 3s worksheets for grade 2 and grade 3. The pdf resources include practicing with number lines, finding the way out of mazes, filling the missing numbers in the sequence, and completing paths. There is a lot more! Some worksheets are free.

Counting Backward by 3s | Partially Filled

Counting forward by 3s is an absolute breeze, but counting backward by 3s is not that easy-breezy. Let kids practice these worksheets with all their heart so things will look up. Subtracting 3 from every number is the key.

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Counting Backward by 3s | Number lines

Few things help introduce, ease into, and master skip counting as effectively as number lines. Count backward by 3s and write the missing numbers. You are now more than getting the hang of it, aren’t you?

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Counting Down by 3s | Standard

Counting backward by 3s is so vital for kids in 2nd grade and 3rd grade that they can’t get away with a pedestrian skill in it! There are rows of boxes, and the task is to complete each box where the number is missing.

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Counting Backward by 3s | Theme-Based

All it takes to excel in skip counting backward by 3s is a bunch of pumpkins as in these printable pdf sets. Put on your math cap, count down by 3s, and write the missing numbers. That's all you need to do in these worksheets.

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Complete the Path by Counting Down by 3s

When was the last time you closed your eyes, counted down by 3s, and found yourself basking in the greenery at your destination? Here, let your counting genius act quickly to help John cross an island.

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Counting Backward by 3s | Mazes

What counting is more rewarding than counting down by 3s and helping someone reach somewhere? Skip count generously, shade the numbers in the sequence, and be happy that this is a job done well.

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Counting Backward by 3s | Display Charts

Don’t miss these display charts, which grade 3 kids can refer to as and when they please to count down by 3s. There's a lot of nice math companionship in the form a dinosaur, some fish, and a train.

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Completing the Backward Sequence

Your not-willing-to-make-do-with-less students will love filling these blank pdfs in backward sequence. Make sure your child counts backward with gusto. Your math lessons will now be an instant hit!

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Skip Counting by 3s Worksheets

Prepare students to effectively count by threes using these worksheets. Ranging from completing number sequences and number lines to filling in the missing numbers in blank, filled, and half-filled charts, there is practice galore.

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