Counting Backward by 4s Worksheets

Be the quintessential skip-counting master with our collection of printable worksheets on counting backward by 4s! Utilize our worksheets that range from partially filled charts to blank charts to number lines to mazes. The pick of the lot, though, is a chart that you can laminate, display, and use as an ideal reference tool for 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids. Work so hard on your backward counting skills that in just a matter of a few days you will see a brilliant counting-down genius shine through all your works! Don't forget to check out our free pdf worksheets!

Counting Backward by 4s | Partially Filled

Introduce young learners to the learning pleasure of skip counting backward by 4s with this batch of 2nd grade printable worksheets. Starting from 200, learners subtract or add by fours to fill in the missing numbers in the sequence.

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Counting Backward by 4s | Number Lines

Give your backward counting skills a super-sharp edge with these pdf sheets. Illustrated here are number lines with multiples of 4, which will enable students to visualize and understand the concept of skip counting backward by 4s.

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Count Backward by 4s | Standard

Prepared to enrich young mathematicians' knowledge of counting backward by 4s, this collection of printable worksheets requires 3rd grade students to complete the number sequences by skip counting backward by 4s.

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Count Backward by 4s | Theme-Based

Rise to every skip-counting occasion with the same zest as always! Don't skip over these exercises featuring chicken and eggs! Count backward by 4s along the eggs and complete the number sequences by filling in the missing numbers.

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Count Backward by 4s | Complete the Path

A mix of a fun theme and meticulous design, this set of pdf backward counting by 4s resources provides oodles of practice to learners in grade 2 and grade 3. C'mon kids, help the scuba driver reach the pearl oyster by skip counting backward by fours.

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Counting Backward by 4s | Mazes

Get ready to have an a-MAZE-ing time with our collection of maze worksheets. Devise the best route by skip counting backward by 4s to navigate your way through the maze. Remember to color the path. How genuinely exciting is skip counting!

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Counting Backward by 4s | Display Charts

Grab this stack of display charts featuring numbers from 200 to 4 and encourage the little learners to practice this all-important skill of counting backward by 4s. Incorporate these charts in the classroom for some effective learning.

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Completing the Backward Sequence

Ignite a spark of interest in skip counting backward by 4s with this delightful bundle. Begin counting backwards from 400 and go all the way down to 4 by filling in the blank spaces in the worksheets depicting different themes.

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Skip Counting by 4s Worksheets

4, 8, 12, 16... Can your young math whizzes count by fours? With our collection of worksheets, not only will they learn to count by fours, they will soar high in this aspect. Instruct the kids to complete the number sequences, number lines, and charts by skip counting by 4s.

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