Skip Counting by 4s Worksheets

Make splendid headway into counting and addition and lay the foundation for multiplication facts and tables with this ensemble of printable skip counting by 4s worksheets. Ideal for 2nd grade and 3rd grade children, these practice pdfs encompass a large variety of materials including attractive themed worksheets; display, blank, and partially filled charts; and a host of exercises like finding the missing numbers on number lines, completing the path, leading characters out of mazes; and so on! Access some of these worksheets for free.

Skip Counting by 4s: Partially Filled

Get yourself accustomed to the count sequence 4, 8, 12, 16,..., 200 with these printable partially filled worksheets. Put mental math to work, count by 4s, and write down the missing numbers in the apt order.

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Skip Counting by 4s on Number Lines | Level 1

Remember the counting-on strategy? Here is an opportunity to review it. Observe the 2-digit numerals placed at equal intervals, skip count by fours, and complete the number line models.

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Skip Counting by 4s on Number Lines | Level 2

Invigorate your skip-counting practice with these pdf worksheets presenting 3-digit numerals! Recognize them as multiples of 4 and complete the number lines by skip counting forward by 4s.

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Skip Counting by 4s with Pictures

If there are 4 apples in a basket, how many apples in all are there in 6 such baskets? Seems tricky? Well, simply skip count by 4s 6 times for the total number of apples. Answer similar questions in a jiffy.

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Complete the Path by Skip Counting by 4s

Hang on! There's someone calling out to you for help finding the way. Lend them a hand by skip counting by 4s! Choose between easy and moderate levels split based on the number of times you count by 4s.

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Counting by 4s | Missing Numbers | Type 1

Featuring the hen and eggs theme, these fun-filled skip counting by 4s worksheets will make 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids instantly fall for it. Skip count forward by fours and give the empty eggs their numbers.

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Counting by 4s | Missing Numbers | Type 2

Did you know a horse gallops at a unique number pattern? This gait follows a 4-beat rhythm and is hence linked to counting by 4s in these printable pdfs. Put this fact into play and fill the missing numbers.

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Skip Counting by 4s | Mazes

Another interesting exercise awaits you! Shade the numbers that fall under the skip-counting sequence with your favorite color and help the cartoon characters find their way out of the maze.

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Skip Counting by 4s Display Charts

Print this set of compact display charts that facilitate easy identification of multiples of 4 within 100 and 200 and help memorizing the pattern obtained when skip counting forward by 4s.

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  • chart 3

Skip Counting by 4s up to 200

Upon adequate revisions, these blank pdfs act as an effective evaluation tool. Kids of grade 2 and grade 3 recall what they've learned, and reproduce it here.

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Skip Counting by 4s: Connecting Dots

Explore a myriad collection of drawing and coloring worksheets that involve the concept of skip counting by fours. Connect the dots as you skip count by 4s and unveil the mystery picture.

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Skip Counting Backward by 4s

Page through printable exercises on backward skip counting by 4s presenting rows of boxes filled with multiples of 4 in the descending order. Add or subtract 4 to the numbers beside, and you're all set to go!

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