Skip Counting by 5s Worksheets

Skip counting is the precursor to all higher order math skill. On this page, worksheets on number lines and counting with pictures are available. Skip counting charts are also included. Sharpen your math skill by fun activities like mazes and connecting dots. Practice skip count by 5s with these printable worksheets.

Skip counting forward chart

The display charts consist of spectacular themes to skip count by 5s. Practice forward counting with partial and blank charts.

Chart Type: Display chart, Partially filled chart, Blank chart

Skip counting backward chart

Backward skip count by 5s with the themed display charts. Access the partial and blank charts to review the knowledge acquired.

Chart Type: Display chart, Partially filled chart, Blank chart

Skip counting - Number line

Number line helps the kids to understand the skip count in an easier way. There are two levels in this section.

Two levels of difficulty with 3 worksheets each

Counting with pictures

In this section word problems based on counting with real life objects are available. Count the items in each group to find the total.

Complete the path

Help the pirate find his way to the treasure chest and guide the frog reach the snail. Skip count by 5s to complete the path. A template is also provided for each level.

Level: Easy, Moderate (3 worksheets each)

Missing numbers - Type 1

In this section, apple theme is used. Skip count by 5s to fill in the missing numbers. Each worksheet contains five problems.

Missing numbers - Type 2

The reindeer hops by 5s'. Fill in the missing numbers. There are six problems in each worksheet.

Skip counting - Backwards

Count back by 5s and fill in the missing numbers. The children master the skip counting when they can count forward and backward.

Skip counting: Money

Skip count by 5s to find how many cents are there in all.

Skip counting - Maze

Utilize these colorful maze worksheets to help reinforce skip counting by 5s.

Three different themes are available

Connect the dots

Join the dots which are in the intervals of 5s to unlock the picture and color it.

Stock up your library with the complete set of worksheets on skip counting by 5s.