Skip Counting by 10s Worksheets

Rich with a multitude of practice, our printable skip counting by 10s worksheets provide adequate exercises to help kindergarten through grade 3 kids count faster. Whether it is counting the dimes in your piggy bank or boxes filled with objects, counting by 10s makes finding the total it hassle-free and quick as the objects are counted in composite groups of 10s instead of being counted individually. Acting as a bridge between counting, addition, and multiplication, our counting forward by 10s pdfs are the most sought-after resource comprising display charts, blank charts, partially filled charts, number lines, connecting dots, solving mazes, and many more fun activities. Try our free skip counting by 10s worksheet for a peek into what lies in store.

Skip Counting by 10s | Partially Filled

Can your kindergarten and grade 1 kids help Bubbles, the Powerpuff Girl, complete the partially filled skip counting by 10s exercises involving numbers up to 500, using the mantra: add 10 to get the next number.

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Skip Counting by 10s on a Number Line | Level 1

There can't be a better way to shore up practice in skip counting by 10s within 200 than these pdf worksheets. Get grade 1 kids to add 10 to the previous number and fill up the missing numbers on each number line model.

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Counting by 10s on a Number Line | Level 2

Pull out all the stops with these printable counting by 10s on a number line worksheets that involve numbers between 200 and 500. All that your grade 2 and grade 3 kids need to do is add one to the number in the tens place to complete the number line.

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Counting by 10s with Pictures

Children love colorful images, so what could be better than grouping pictures of real-life objects to help them visualize skip counting by 10s? Transit from counting to addition as kids figure out the total number of objects that are grouped into bundles of 10.

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Skip Counting by 10s to Complete the Path

Hop, skip, and jump along with Beth and Natasha and help them get to their school by skip counting in 10s up to 100 in the easy level and go apple-picking with Helen and skip count by 10s up to 200 in the moderate level.

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Counting by 10s | Missing Numbers | Type 1

Counting large quantities is made easy by acquiring the ability to skip count in 10s. Our pdfs develop multiplicative thinking in kindergarten and 1st grade kids as they ponder and fill in the missing numbers.

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Skip Counting by 10s | Missing Numbers | Type 2

Leo, the king of the jungle is on a hunt and covers a distance of 10ft with every leap. Whipped up here are exercises to skip count by 10s and complete each sequence involving numbers from 200 to 500.

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Skip Counting by 10s | Mazes

With endless hours of fun in the offing and developing problem-solving skills on the go, these tracing the path by counting in 10s worksheets will get kids to help the crane reach its prey, Momma panda reach her cubs, and find out what Linda's favorite pastime too.

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Counting by 10s | Display Charts

Distribute these skip counting by 10s charts and help kids see the pattern in the numbers, and memorize the multiples of 10 up to 500 that would resonate with them in other math concepts.

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Skip Counting by 10s up to 500

A super-easy way to help your 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids practice forward skip counting by 10s is by providing them opportunities to revisit the concept using our printable skip counting by 10s worksheets.

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Counting Dimes | Skip Counting by 10s

Get your budding bankers to count the dimes in their piggy banks and develop a vital life-skill. Kids keep in mind that 1 dime = 10 cents and skip count by 10 to figure out the total amount of money in cents.

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Counting by 10s | Connecting Dots

An overwhelming favorite, where kids join the dots starting at different numbers and skip count by 10s and watch the image pop up. Color the picture and the pdfs double as posters for your little artist's room.

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Skip Counting Backward by 10s

Encourage kids to take it one step further as they count backward, subtracting 10 with every skip. Kids love anything involving colorful images so this combo of learning and fun is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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