Skip Counting by 9s Worksheets

Go prolific, go various, and go rigorous — this is the best philosophy to embrace while practicing any important concept. Designed to resonate with this at its best, this batch of printable worksheets on skip counting by 9s will accelerate the counting skills of learners in grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3. Turn the practice mode on right away and start practicing with our wide range of skip counting worksheets like partially filled charts, counting on number lines and many more. Take a look at our free worksheets and begin your exploration of skip counting by 9s.

Skip Counting by 9s | Partially Filled Charts

Fire kids with lots of skip-counting enthusiasm, so they count by 9s twice as easily, with this compilation illustrated with all-time favorite animation character. Grade 1 students start from 9 and count up to 450 by filling in the missing numbers in each chart.

  • chart 1
  • chart 2
  • chart 3

Skip Counting by 9s | Number Lines | Level 1

Skip count with flair and finesse, and many a math act that you thought will trouble big time becomes a breeze overnight! Fill in the missing numbers on the number line. Predict the number that is next on the number line by adding 9 to the previous number.

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  • pdf 5

Skip Counting by 9s | Number Lines | Level 2

Don't just skip count because you have to; skip count because you love to! Upgrade counting forward by nines with these printable worksheets that have 3-digit numbers on number lines. An excellent resource for 1st grade and 2nd grade students.

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Skip Counting by 9s with Pictures

Pretty much everything in math has real-life connections to it! Skip counting echoes life, too. Filled with illustrations of real-life objects in groups of 9, this stack of pdf worksheets enables children to find the total number of objects by counting groups of 9s.

  • worksheet 1
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Count by 9s to Complete the Path

Presenting pdf resources classified into two levels of difficulty, this set features different themes. Instruct 3rd grade students to help the prince find the path to the tower and fill in the missing numbers on each billow of smoke by counting by 9s.

  • easy 1
  • easy 2
  • easy 3
  • easy 4
  • easy 5
  • moderate 1
  • moderate 2
  • moderate 3
  • moderate 4
  • moderate 5

Skip Counting by 9s | Missing Numbers - Type 1

Let not skip counting get problematic at any stage! In these fun worksheets, the numbers on space rockets are given as multiples of nine. Start counting by 9s to fill in the missing numbers.

  • exercise 1
  • exercise 2
  • exercise 3
  • exercise 4
  • exercise 5

Skip Counting by 9s | Missing Numbers - Type 2

Who said you must be content with stacks of boring resources while skip counting by 9s? Look at the dog as it jumps by 9s and fill in the missing numbers in each number sequence by counting by nines. This worksheet is fun as fun should be.

  • practice 1
  • practice 2
  • practice 3
  • practice 4
  • practice 5

Skip Counting by 9s | Mazes

Among dozens of other things that skip counting is, it's bighearted too! The paths of mother hen, Shaggy, and Joey are filled with twists and turns. Skip count by 9s and help them reach where they want to. Color the numbers as you skip count, too!

  • pdf 1
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  • pdf 3

Skip Counting by 9s | Display Charts

As much as you are a skip counting veteran, your expertise deserves instant reference charts so you can steer clear of doubts. Print the three charts and refer to them while learning how to skip count forward by 9s. Skip-counting mastery is now guaranteed!

  • chart 1
  • chart 2
  • chart 3

Skip Counting by 9s | Blank Charts

All learning and no assessment is no learning! Assess and test your understanding of skip counting by 9s by filling in the blank spaces in each of the charts by beginning from 9 and go all the way up to 450. Your counting skills will now shine!

  • chart 1
  • chart 2
  • chart 3

Skip Counting by 9s | Connecting Dots

Continue to skip count with passion and pave the way to proficiency in the topic! Combine fine motor skills with skip counting skill in these connecting dots pdfs. Skip count by 9s, follow the numbers from 9 to 306, and unravel the hidden pictures.

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Skip Counting Backward by 9s

With this stack of printable worksheets, students can begin their practice on skip counting backward by counting back by 9s. The more you practice, the more your skip counting skills gets refined. Practice is now richer than ever!

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