Skip Counting by 11s Worksheets

These worksheets provide learning aids to practice skip counting by 11s. This page contains skills based on number lines, counting with pictures, complete the path, missing numbers, maze and connect the dots.

Skip counting forward chart

Master skip counting in 11s with these display charts presented here. Reinforce forward counting in 11s with the partial and blank charts included here.

Chart Type: Display chart, Partially filled chart, Blank chart

Skip counting backward chart

The backward skip counting display charts assist students in grasping the concept easily. Reverse skip count by 11s and complete the partially filled and blank charts featured here.

Chart Type: Display chart, Partially filled chart, Blank chart

Skip counting - Number line

Skip count by 11s to complete each number line. There are six sheets available here.

Two levels of difficulty with 3 worksheets each

Counting with pictures

There are 11 items in each group. Count by 11s to find the total.

Complete the path

Carol and the calf need help to find the way to the moon and the mother elephant respectively. Skip count by 11s to trace the path.

Level: Easy, Moderate (3 worksheets each)

Missing numbers - Type 1

Three or four numbers are missing in each problem. Skip by 11s to fill in the missing numbers.

Missing numbers - Type 2

Apply skip counting forward and backward to fill in the missing numbers. Skip counting concept is illustrated in each worksheet.

Skip counting - Backwards

Three sheets are available here to learn how to skip count backwards by 11. Children master skip counting when they can count forward and backward.

Skip counting - Maze

An engaging maze game help children learn skip counting by 11s. Start at 11, count by 11s, color the path and solve the puzzle.

Three different themes are available

Connect the dots

Count by 11s to connect the dots and complete the picture. Color the picture to showcase your talent.

The whole batch of worksheets on skip counting by 11s can be downloaded instantly.