Skip Counting by 8s Worksheets

This page comprises of skip count by 8s worksheets. This includes number line, counting with pictures, complete the path, maze and connect the dots worksheets. Teacher templates are available.

Skip counting forward chart

The display charts are used to introduce skip counting by 8s to the students. Partially filled charts and blank charts are used to test the skip counting skills.

Chart Type: Display chart, Partially filled chart, Blank chart

Skip counting backward chart

Implement the display charts to help children skip count by 8s in the reverse order. Employ the partially filled and blank charts to practice skip counting.

Chart Type: Display chart, Partially filled chart, Blank chart

Skip counting - Number line

Number line is given in multiples of eight. The students have to skip count by 8s to fill in the missing blanks.

Two levels of difficulty with 3 worksheets each

Counting with pictures

Children understand the concept when it is explained with an illustration. Skip count by 8s to find the total.

Complete the path

Linda and Sally need guidance to reach the castle and mermaid respectively. Count in 8s to complete the path. Templates are also available where the teacher can fill in the numbers of their choice.

Level: Easy, Moderate (3 worksheets each)

Missing numbers - Type 1

Count by 8s to find the missing numbers on the railroad car. There are five problems in each worksheet.

Missing numbers - Type 2

Skip count by 8s to find the missing numbers. There are six problems in each worksheet.

Skip counting - Backwards

Children count backwards with ease after they have become proficient in counting forward.

Skip counting - Maze

Color the path by counting in 8s to solve each maze. Employ these worksheets to hone your skills in skip counting.

Three different themes are available

Connect the dots

Join the dots to complete the picture. The dots are given in multiples of 8. Have fun!

The whole batch of skip counting by 8s worksheets can be downloaded instantly.