Skip Counting by 7s Worksheets

Counting by 7s is mastered using the following printable worksheets. Skip counting is an essential skill when students learn basic addition. Skip counting chart, number line, counting with pictures, complete the path, missing numbers, count backwards, maze and connect the dots give practice for the children to count in 7s.

Skip counting forward chart

These charts are used as a reference to learn skip counting by 7s. Parents and teachers can use the partially filled and blank charts to test the children's counting skill in 7s.

Chart Type: Display chart, Partially filled chart, Blank chart

Skip counting backward chart

Equip yourself with a knowledge of skip counting in 7s with the display charts presented here. Complete the blank and partially filled charts for a thorough practice.

Chart Type: Display chart, Partially filled chart, Blank chart

Skip counting - Number line

The number line is given as multiples of 7. These worksheets give practice in skip counting by 7s. The students have to write the missing numbers to complete the pattern.

Two levels of difficulty with 3 worksheets each

Counting with pictures

These worksheets are a great resource for young students. Count the items in each group to find the total.

Complete the path

Linda and Nancy need help to reach the island and the house respectively. Count by 7s to find the path.

Level: Easy, Moderate (3 worksheets each)

Missing numbers - Type 1

Fill in the missing numbers on the fish by counting in 7s.

Missing numbers - Type 2

The frog leaps in intervals of 7. Fill in the missing numbers by counting in 7s.

Skip counting - Backwards

Each sheet has seven problems in counting backwards. The students count back by 7s to complete the number pattern.

Skip counting - Maze

The maze path is in multiples of 7. Color the path to reach the target.

Three different themes are available

Connect the dots

Connect the dots, which are in intervals of 7 to reveal the picture. This activity aids in the development of a child's motor skills.

The entire collection of skip counting by 7s worksheets can be downloaded in a jiffy!