Counting Backward by 7s Worksheets

Help students find their feet and settle in quickly as they learn to skip count backward with our printable collection of backward skip counting by 7s worksheets for grade 2 and grade 3. Exemplify your learning, and practice counting backward by sevens with progressively graded pdf exercises and picture-based worksheets like display charts, blank charts, and number lines. Some of the activities included here are finding missing numbers, completing paths, and solving mazes. Try out our free resources and discover what's in store for you!

Counting Backward by 7s | Partially Filled

Offering three partially filled worksheets with colorful illustrations of animals, this resource is drafted for the exclusive use of 2nd grade students. Skip count backward by 7s to fill in the blank spaces with the numbers that are skipped.

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Count Backward by 7s | Number Lines

Practicing backward counting has never been so fun! In these pdf worksheets, assist students in grade 2 and grade 3 to reach their highest potential by hopping along the number lines. Let them skip count backward by 7s to fill in the missing numbers.

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Count Backward by 7s | Standard

Explore this stack of printable worksheets and help young mathematicians build their skills on counting backward by sevens. Task students with completing the number sequences by counting backward by 7s and writing in the remaining numbers.

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Count Backward by 7s | Theme-Based

Few sights are more pleasing to the eyes than a bunch of lively, colorful fish! Observe the number sequence in each row of fish and fill in the missing numbers by subtracting 7 from the preceding number.

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Count Backward by 7s | Complete the Path

Lend a helping hand to Nancy as she badly needs to reach home. Subtract 7 in a sequence from 140 to 7, and she will be home. With oodles of practice in skip counting backward by 7s, you will breeze through these worksheets.

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Counting Backward by 7s | Mazes

Navigate through these pdf worksheets and assist the bear, the lion, and the girl to find the honeycomb, cub, and favorite musical instrument respectively. Learners count back in 7s and color the numbers as they find the path to the destination.

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Count Backward by 7s | Display Charts

Presenting colorful charts with vivid themes on counting backward by 7s, this printable, learner-friendly collection will perfectly complement the school curriculum. The numbers start from 350 and go down all the way to 7.

  • chart 1
  • chart 2
  • chart 3

Completing the Backward Sequence

Don't skip over this bundle depicting a variety of themes! Get the 3rd grade students to count backward by subtracting 7 from the previous number as they move one square up each time.

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Skip Counting by 7s Worksheets

Assist the young learners to take their understanding of skip counting to the next level with this indigenous collection of printable worksheets. Count by sevens to complete the blank charts, partially filled charts, number lines, number sequences, and many more.

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