Counting Backward by 8s Worksheets

Catch up with a tricky math skill – counting down – with our printable backward skip counting by 8s worksheets for grade 2 and grade 3! There is never going to be a dearth of materials as we have stuffed this set full of various and easy-to-use display charts, blank charts, partially filled charts, number lines, mazes and a lot more. Just remind yourself of the concept of descending order - one that goes down rather than up – so you operate hassle-free. Some of these pdf resources are absolutely free.

Counting Backward by 8s | Partially Filled

Push-start backward skip counting by 8s with these stupendous grade 2 worksheets! Here is what you do – write in the missing numbers in each exercise by subtracting 8. Practice repeatedly for consolidation.

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Counting Backward by 8s | Number Lines

Number lines are your trusted companion while learning how to count down by 8s with ease! Here, count backward by eights and fill the missing numbers. Each line starts with a different multiple of 8.

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Counting Down by 8s | Standard

Backward counting by 8s may not be the most hassle-free thing in math, but these pdf 3rd grade practice resources prove it otherwise. Just stick to descending order to a tee, and complete the number sequences with multiples of 8.

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Counting Backward by 8s | Theme-Based

This train ride is going to be a fun ride. A few railroad cars in each question in these worksheets don't have their numbers, but others do. Count backward by 8s and find the missing numbers. A ride very well worth your while!

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Complete the Path by Counting Down by 8s

Jane is desperately looking for help to find her way to Mermaid Alyssa. Thankfully for her, counting down by 8s is willing to help. Fill in the missing numbers, complete the paths, and make Jane happy.

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Counting Backward by 8s | Mazes

Continue to play with counting down by 8s at your pleasure, and you will see it fits around a wide range of needs as in these printable maze worksheets. To solve each maze, kids color the boxes that are multiples of 8.

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Counting Backward by 8s | Display Charts

Display how much you love counting down by 8s by laminating and using these pdf charts as instant, handy reference tools! With numbers from 400 to 8, it will usher in a new season of inspired skip counting learning.

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Completing the Backward Sequence

What works best for printable blank worksheets as a go-to tool when grade 2 and grade 3 kids practice counting down by 8s is that they have three times or even more the learning as their filled or partially filled counterparts.

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Skip Counting by 8s Worksheets

Learn and practice skip counting by 8s, a precursor to 8 times table, with this set of worksheets. Start slowly, grow your pace gradually, and then pick up steam as you master counting forward by 8s with the exercises set here.

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