Counting Backward by 9s Worksheets

Bring in new power and pizzazz to your counting skills with our printable skip counting backward by 9s worksheets for grade 2 and grade 3! With tons of practice spanning over display charts, blank charts, partially filled charts, number lines, mazes and a lot more, this is going to be a cracker of worksheets. The key is to keep subtracting 9 from the numbers. If you remind yourself of the fact that you are going by descending order rather than ascending order, you will be fine. Some of these resources are free.

Counting Backward by 9s | Partially Filled

Let your ability to skip count backward by 9s shine like nobody else's, with a wealth of brilliant worksheets! Fill in the missing numbers in each pdf exercise by subtracting 9 from the previous number. Ideal for 2nd grade.

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Counting Backward by 9s | Number Lines

Are you on the look out for some sure-to-work worksheets so you propel your counting backward by 9s skill by an exponential margin? Why not use these number lines? Fill in the missing numbers by counting backward by nines.

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Counting Down by 9s | Standard

Pay a lot more attention to backward counting by 9s than the rest! This 3rd grade collection of practice materials might be just the thing for you. Complete the number sequences by counting backward in multiples of 9.

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Counting Backward by 9s | Theme-Based

Rockets are known to achieve big despite bigger challenges. And so be it when they are around in counting backward by 9s too! See multiples of 9 in your mind's eye and fill in the missing numbers in each row of rockets.

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Complete the Path by Counting Down by 9s

Excel and exceed every expectation when it comes to backward counting by 9s! In these printable tasks, fill in the missing numbers to complete the paths formed by the billows of smoke let out by the bus.

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Counting Backward by 9s | Mazes

Counting down by 9s owes a lot of its diversity to its amazing flexibility! Practice your way up with these maze worksheets and help a butterfly, worm, and snake reach their favorite food. Color the boxes to solve each maze.

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Counting Backward by 9s | Display Charts

To display and to illustrate are two things that never fail to strike a chord with kids! It's no different in counting down by 9s. These pdf reference charts have numbers from 450 to 9 and are instrumental in teaching counting down by 9s.

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Completing the Backward Sequence

A bunch of printable blank exercises are the perfect ground for grade 2 and grade 3 kids to practice counting down by 9s. Let them come up with the correct numbers to fill in the empty spaces by counting backward by 9s.

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Skip Counting by 9s Worksheets

It goes 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, and on and on. Skip counting by nines is not as problematic as many think it is. In fact, it becomes child's play if you have our worksheets around. Take advantage of this vast collection of resources to master this skill.

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