Counting Backward by 10s Worksheets

Spend oodles of quality time working through our skip counting backward by 10s worksheets. Flip through the printable display charts, follow up with the partially filled and blank charts, then move on to activities like completing number lines by backward counting in 10s, completing the path, solving mazes in this collection and choose what suits your grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 kids best. Try our free skip counting backward by 10s worksheets for a sneak-peek.

Counting Backward by 10s | Partially Filled

What begins as an attempt to practice backward skip counting by 10s ends up bolstering subtraction skills too. Kids in 1st grade and 2nd grade fill in the missing numbers deducting 10 from each number to get the next number in these printable partially filled exercises.

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Counting Backward by 10s | Number Lines

Your reverse skip counting by 10s worksheet pdfs just got better being modeled on a number line. The intervals are marked with multiples of 10 in a descending order. Kids are expected to write the missing multiples and complete the number line.

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Counting Backward by 10s | Standard

Backward count by 10s, fill in the missing numbers, and complete each string of numbers is all that kids need to do to prove their mettle. After all, it is these standard worksheets that come to your rescue when you think of practice.

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Counting Backward by 10s | Theme Based

Sneaking in a strategy that helps kids with subtraction is what these counting backward by 10s worksheet pdfs are all about. Get grade 1 and grade 2 kids to identify the pattern, count back by 10 and fill in the missing numbers on the placards held by the kids.

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Completing the Path

Experience the joys of apple-picking as you encourage your little ones in grade 1 and grade 2 help Helen track her way to the apple orchard by subtracting 10 from the previous number to complete the backward skip counting sequence from 200 to 10.

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Counting Backward by 10s | Mazes

Gravitate toward these counting backward by 10s worksheets to bust boredom and to add a dash of fun. Watch kids count down by 10 every time, color the boxes, and find the homes of the bird, the lion and the horse.

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Counting Backward by 10s | Display Charts

It is important for kids in 2nd grade and 3rd grade to get a hang of the pattern while skip counting by 10s. This is best achieved with our printable charts that display a sequence of numbers from 500 to 10. Kids observe that the number in the tens place reduces by 1 each time.

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Completing the Backward Sequence

Reviewing progress in learning from time to time is equally important and with our blank pdfs at your disposal there'll be no dearth of resources to test your kids' skills in backward skip counting by 10s.

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Skip Counting by 10s Worksheets

When kids are thorough with their backward counting, the time is just ripe to check if they are as good at forward counting too. Get them to walk through these interesting activities and prove their mettle.

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