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Quadratic Equations Worksheets

Quadratic equation always represent parabola. Parabola is open up when the coefficient of x square is positive and open down when it is negative. Quadratic equation is very useful in many physical and science applications.

The parabola can lie entirely above or below the x-axis without any intersection. Such parabolas do have imaginary roots. If the parabola touches the x axis, then it has repeated solutions. In case if it intersects the axis, then it has two distinct real roots.

Sketching parabola and finding the roots is not easy all time. Plenty of techniques available to find the roots without graphing the quadratic equations. We have provided quadratic equation worksheets based on all techniques.

Sum and Product of the Roots:

Identify the sum and product of the roots from the given quadratic equations.

Formation of Quadratic Equation:

Frame the quadratic equation using the given sum and product of the roots.

Solve by Factoring Method:

Using the product and sum of the roots, split the term with degree one and factorize.

Solve by Quadratic Formula Method:

Solve the quadratic equations using quadratic formula method.

Solve by Completing the Square Method:

Make adjustments in constant term to write it in complete square form and then take square root.

Solve by Square Root Method:

These worksheets are really helpful for high school students to master their quadratic skills.

Solve by Graphing Method:

Set of graphing worksheets based on quadratic equations. Sketch the graph and carefully watch the intersection of the curve at x axis to find the solutions of quadratic equations.


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