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Subtraction Worksheets: Kindergarten and 1st Grade

In this page, you will find an endless supply of ready-to-print subtraction worksheets for Kindergarten and Grade1 children. This includes 0-20 subtraction, subtraction facts, tables and charts, number lines and a lot more topics that are designed to build subtraction skills of young learners.

0-5 Subtraction Worksheets

Help young ones grasp the basics of subtraction that include colorful themes. Worksheets comprise simple word problems, connect the subtraction sentences and a lot more!

0-10 Subtraction Worksheets

Access colorful and interactive worksheets like decode the riddle, theme-based subtraction and a lot more! All worksheets come with an answer key.

0-20 Subtraction Worksheets

This assembly of printable worksheets enables a child to further grasp subtraction concepts. Several vibrant theme-based worksheets provide for abundant practice on subtraction of numbers ranging from 0-20.

Subtraction Tables and Charts

Download our subtraction tables and charts available in color and printer-friendly versions. Use the blank charts and tables at home or in the classroom to boost a young learner's skill at subtraction.

Subtraction Facts Worksheets

This series of worksheets provides children with elementary subtraction facts from 0 to 9 in both column and horizontal formats. Download the mixed subtraction facts and teacher templates for a classroom assignment.

Subtraction with Pictures Worksheets

You are just a click away from learning subtraction with the use of vibrantly illustrated pictures. Activities like count and subtract, cross out and count, dice subtraction, etc., are sure to keep students thoroughly engaged!

Picture Subtraction Facts

Grab our printable picture subtraction facts worksheets available in both color and monochrome. A perfect set of worksheets for little ones to learn single-digit subtraction facts.

Subtraction using Number Lines

Assist young learners comprehend the basics of subtraction with number lines. A variety of engrossing activities with number lines that range from 0 to 5, 0 to 10 and 0 to 20 are displayed here.

Subtraction Activities

Employ this set of engaging worksheets to learn subtraction the fun way! Download our theme-based cut-and-glue activities, subtraction mazes, coloring activities and much more!

Subtraction Worksheets: Grade 2 and above

Acquire this huge collection of subtraction worksheets exclusively designed for students of Grade 2 and above! It contains fun games, riddles, subtraction drills, subtracting 2-digit, 3-digit and large numbers, subtraction across zero, word problems and much more.