Surface Area of Mixed Solid Figures Worksheets

Kick into gear with this compilation of surface area of solid figures worksheets, and recapitulate finding the surface areas of various three-dimensional solid figures such as the cubes, prisms, pyramids, which we frequently come across in our everyday lives. Whether you are a teacher, tutor, or a homeschooling mom, our printable exercises are a fantastic add-on to your stock of materials as they contribute greatly toward upskilling students in grade 8 and high school. You can also access some of these handouts for free.

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Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders

Traverse through our set of teacher-made worksheets, and explore the various formulas and steps involved in calculating the surface areas of a wide range of prisms and cylinders.

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Surface Area of Mixed Shapes | Integers - Easy

Commence practice with these printable 8th grade worksheets, and brush up calculating the surface areas of a variety of solid figures like triangular and rectangular prisms, spheres, cylinders, and a lot more!

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Surface Area of Mixed Shapes | Integers - Moderate

Exalt practice from easy to moderate with these pdfs that render the attributes of the three-dimensional figures in 2-digit integers. Plug in the measures in the appropriate formula, and figure out the surface area.

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Surface Area of Mixed Shapes | Decimals

Edge out your peers by instantly grabbing this practice set that depicts decimal dimensions! Revise and review the fact that the surface area of a figure is the sum of the areas of its bases and faces.

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Surface Area of Mixed Shapes | Fractional Lengths

Make great strides in finding the surface areas of cubes, cones, cylinders, spheres, hemispheres, prisms, and pyramids with fractional dimensions! Try solving the problems here, and assess yourself.

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