Three-Digit Addition Worksheets

Explore numerical proficiency with our 3-digit addition worksheets. These handouts, combining standard and word problems, offer a comprehensive approach to reinforce grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 kids' understanding of three-digit addition, encompassing regrouping and non-regrouping scenarios, column and horizontal formats, drills, fun exercises, and more! Try our free three-digit addition worksheets for a sneak peak!

Adding 3-Digit and 2-Digit Numbers | Standard

Whether it is with or without regrouping, with or without word problems, this bunch of 3-digit addition worksheets is the right place for kids to bolster their addition skills.

Adding 3-Digit and 2-Digit Numbers | With Word Problems

A fusion of standard and word problems, this set serves as an ideal tool to review the skills of your 2nd grade and 3rd grade students. Stay attentive, as some problems may require application of regrouping strategies.

Solving 3-Digit and 2-Digit Addition Word Problems

Add a dash of real-life relevance into addition exercises as kids engage with word problems. Encourage them to read, identify the addends, and calculate the sum in this section, bridging mathematical concepts with practical scenarios.

Addition with Base Ten Blocks

Offering a hands-on and visual approach to teach students the concepts of place value and addition, this section of our 3-digit addition worksheets gets kids to find the sum by counting the flats, rods, and units and adding them.

15-Problem Column Addition

Embrace the 15-problem column addition challenge and witness the little experts in grade 2 and grade 3 effortlessly crack them down! Keeping an eye out for strategic regrouping is the key!

Finding the Sum of 3-Digit Numbers with Word Problems

Kids get better with practice! Raise the bar and get them to solve this blend of twelve standard problems and two word problems to prove they are the masters of the game.

Identifying Addends

Challenge your kids to discover the two addends that add up to the provided sum, adding an exciting dimension to their mathematical skills.

3-Digit Addition Word Problems

Assess your kids' conceptual mastery with real-world challenges. Explore their ability to identify addends and calculate sums through engaging word problems.

Completing Addition Sentences | Treasure Box

Embark on a captivating journey with this part of our printable three-digit addition worksheets. Complete the addition sentence in each problem to crack the code and unlock hidden treasures within the chests!

15-Problem Horizontal Addition

Lay the foundation for mental math strategies with this set. As kids become proficient in this method they can easily transition to performing mental calculations by visualizing the horizontal arrangement of numbers.

Column Addition Drill without Regrouping

Adeptly navigate your way to finding sums with efficiency and ease in this bunch of problems where the addends are neatly lined up in columns.

Column Addition Drill with Regrouping

Make the learning process both effective and enjoyable as kids in 3rd grade and 4th grade are guided to regrouping and solving 25 problems and seamlessly progressing to solving 50 problems per page.

Horizontal Addition Drill without Regrouping

Dealing with numerical data in a horizontal format can often be a challenge to kids. Witness how this becomes a piece of cake with the practice offered in our worksheets.

Horizontal Addition Drill with Regrouping

Propel the skills of your kids with these problems that encourage kids to take up the challenge of finding the sum of 25 problems initially and gradually advance to 50 problems.

Finding Missing Digits

A wonderful opportunity for kids to showcase their addition skills unfolds in this set of problems, inviting them to decode the missing addends.

Addition with More Addends

Can your grade 3 and grade 4 kids confidently navigate and conquer this engaging batch of exercises that introduce a progressive difficulty level by increasing the number of addends?