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Area of Shapes by Counting Unit Squares | Area Worksheets

Grab the worksheets piled up here to attain an in-depth understanding of how the area of shapes is calculated by counting unit squares in the grid. The worksheets comprise counting the squares in the shaded area, in rectangle and rectilinear shapes. Draw the shapes for a specified area and also learn to compare and match areas. The worksheets are categorized based on the level of complexity. The worksheets are available in metric and customary units.

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Count the squares to find the area - Level 1

Each grid in this counting squares worksheet has a shaded region comprising a shape. Count the unit squares in the shaded region to determine the area of each shape.

Find the area by counting squares - Level 2

Step up to the next level with this set of worksheets. The area of each shape is found by counting complete and partly shaded squares. Find the area by counting the squares.

Area of rectangle by counting unit squares - Level 1

In these count the squares in the rectangular grid worksheets, enumerate the number of unit squares in each of the rectangles and thereby find its area.

Area of rectangle by counting unit squares - Level 2

Each problem contains different scale units. Make use of the scale given to count the square units and determine the area of the rectangles in this set of worksheets.

Area of rectilinear shapes - Level 1

Furnished in these determine the area of rectilinear shapes worksheets are shapes whose area is to be calculated by counting the unit squares presented in each of them.

Area of rectilinear shapes - Level 2

Figure out the area of the given rectilinear shapes by counting the complete and partial unit squares in them. Fortify your skills in determining the area of rectilinear shapes in the process.

Draw any shape for the specified area

This stack of area worksheets encourages children to draw shapes in the rectangular grid for the specified area. Additionally, find grids to draw 3 different shapes for the same area.

Count, calculate and compare the area

Each grid here is composed of two shapes. Determine the area of each of them by counting the unit squares, and then compare their areas with the appropriate symbols of comparison.

Matching the shapes with same area

Get your hands in counting the unit squares of the rectangles and the rectilinear shapes and then match the shapes with the same areas presented in these worksheets.

The whole batch of worksheets on area of shapes by counting unit squares can be downloaded instantly.