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Area of Rectilinear Figures Worksheets

Embrace our printable area of rectilinear figures worksheets with all your learning heart to determine the areas of rectilinear shapes with flair and imagination. Perfect for children in grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5, our pdf worksheets have simple rectilinear figures composed of unit squares to find the area as well as complex figures like the L-shapes and rectangular paths that need to be decomposed into non-overlapping rectangular parts to find the area. Feel the difference with our free area of rectilinear figures worksheets!

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Area of Rectilinear Figures - Level 1

Get the 2nd grade children to calculate the area of rectilinear shapes composed of unit squares with these pdf worksheets. The total number of unit squares in each rectilinear figure is its area.

  • pdf 1
  • pdf 2
  • pdf 3
  • pdf 4
  • pdf 5

Area of Rectilinear Figures - Level 2

Add nuance and range to your practice of finding the area of rectilinear figures with this exercise. Measure the area of complex figures by counting the whole and partial unit squares composing them.

  • printable 1
  • printable 2
  • printable 3
  • printable 4
  • printable 5

Area of Rectilinear Figures - L-Shapes

Amp up your practice session with this bunch of printable area of rectilinear shapes worksheets! Split the figures into non-overlapping rectangles and sum up their areas to arrive at the area of L-shapes.

  • practice 1
  • practice 2
  • practice 3
  • practice 4
  • practice 5

Area of Rectangular Paths - Level 1

Be such confident that neither a rectangular path nor rectilinear figure can trip you up! Decompose them into individual rectangles, find the dimensions, compute the area of the non-overlapping parts, and add.

  • worksheet 1
  • worksheet 2
  • worksheet 3
  • worksheet 4
  • worksheet 5

Area of Rectangular Paths - Level 2

Ideal for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade, this segment of pdf area of rectilinear figures worksheets features rectilinear paths and figures with larger dimensions. Follow the usual steps and work out their areas.

  • exercise 1
  • exercise 2
  • exercise 3
  • exercise 4
  • exercise 5