Adding Decimals: Column Addition Worksheets

The 4th and 5th graders will benefit immensely from this plethora of printables, featuring exercises in column addition. Navigate through 120+ worksheets dealing with decimal column addition; gradually moving from tenths to hundredths to thousandths place values.

Adding tenths

Introduce the basics of column addition with these decimal worksheets, concentrating chiefly on the tenths place.

Adding tenths: Mixed review

These tri-level printables, work best to recapitulate the concepts learnt, providing a mixed range of whole numbers emphasizing on the tenths place.

Adding hundredths

These worksheets provide abundant exercises in decimal column addition, stressing mainly on the hundredths place.

Adding hundredths: Mixed review

Reinforce decimal addition, with this triad level of worksheets providing ample practice in decimal addition focusing on the hundredths place.

Adding thousandths

Implement these worksheets to reiterate decimal column addition, shifting focus to the thousandths place.

Adding thousandths: Mixed review

Up your skills with the three-level worksheets providing a mixed range of place values on the whole part.

Adding decimals: Revision worksheets

Review the knowledge acquired with these worksheets dealing with column addition. Problems contain decimals with mixed place values.

Missing digits:

The self-explanatory printables here feature exercises to plug in the missing digits in the whole part or the decimal part.

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