Adding Decimals using Base Ten Blocks | Decimal Worksheets

Decimal addition using base ten blocks provides an ideal visual aid for the children. Cubes, flats, rods and units are used here to represent the varying range of whole parts and decimal parts. This series of downloadable reinforcement worksheets is designed to help the children of grade 4 and grade 5 based on their common core curriculum.

Decimal addition sentences: Without regrouping

Use the key provided atop each worksheet, interpret the base ten blocks as decimal numbers. Complete the addition sentences.

Decimal addition sentences: With regrouping

In this section, base-10 blocks model is used to help students to understand and interpret decimal addition sentence.

Adding blocks: Without regrouping

Grasp the concept of adding decimals with this set of base ten blocks worksheets that do not require regrouping. Add the blocks and record them as decimals using the key provided.

Adding blocks: With regrouping

Hone your skills in block model addition that involves the regrouping concept. Add the given blocks and interpret the sum as decimals. Validate your solutions with our answer keys.

Adding decimal blocks: MCQs

Solve this set of decimal worksheets based on MCQs. Employ the key to find the sum. Next, choose the correct answer from a range of options that matches your solution.

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