Line up the Decimals and then Add | Column Addition Worksheets

Employ this wide range of decimal line up addition worksheets that are meticulously drafted for students of Grade 5 and Grade 6. Students are required to realign the decimal numbers ranging from tenths up to millionths place in column format before performing addition operations. Real-life word problems based on preparing receipts are included. Try our ten free worksheets on this page.

Line up addition: Tenths

Students require to re-write each problem vertically, put the numbers in proper place value and then solve. Pay more attention to problems that involve regrouping.

Line up addition: Hundredths

Line up the decimals in such a way the decimal points are aligned in vertical line. Each worksheet contains a dozen problem.

Line up addition: Thousandths

Stack the decimal addends one below the other in the space provided and find the sum. Decimals with thousandths place value are included here.

Review worksheets: Tenths, hundredths, thousandths

Provide students with plenty of practice in decimal line up addition with this collection of revision worksheets that are classified into two levels.

Line up addition: Ten thousandths

The addends in this set of printables contain four decimal places. Line up the decimals according to the place values and then add.

Line up addition: Hundred thousandths

Solve the addition problems with five decimal places. Align the decimals in column to find the sum.

Line up addition: Millionths

Be attentive when aligning place values of the addends that contain up to six decimals. For the sake of convenience, printables are split into two levels.

Revision worksheets: Adding large decimals

This set of worksheets comprises an assortment of decimal addends ranging from tenths up to millionths place value. Line up and then find the sum.

Mixed Review: Three or four addends

Employ this series of review worksheets that contain three or four addends. The answer key follows each worksheet.

Make the receipt: Decimal word problems

The level 1 worksheets require students to read the problems and make itemized receipts. Line up the cost of the items and find the total cost in Level 2 worksheets.

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