Adding Decimals: Horizontal Addition Worksheets

Decimal addition worksheets on this page are designed to help kids practice addition in horizontal format. The worksheets are more in-depth and segregated according to place values of tenths, hundredths and thousandths. Mixed review worksheets are also provided for each of these sections to help students master their skills in this topic.

Adding decimals: Tenths

This collection of worksheets is based on adding decimals in horizontal format with decimal part containing tenths place value.

Adding decimals: Tenths - Mixed Review

Print this set of decimal worksheets, practice adding decimals with tenths place. Difficulty levels are categorized based on whole number part.

Adding decimals: Hundredths

This series of row addition problems contains decimal place values in hundredths. Each worksheet includes fourteen problems with answer keys.

Adding decimals: Hundredths - Mixed Review

This assortment of horizontal addition worksheets is divided into three sections based on place values of the whole number part.

Adding decimals: Thousandths

In these sheets, the 5th graders require to work on two decimal addends involving thousandths place value.

Adding decimals: Thousandths - Mixed Review

The addition problems are aligned in row format. Use this collection of worksheets to practice horizontal addition of decimals with thousandths place.

Horizontal addition: Revision Worksheets

Test a student's ability in solving problems based on horizontal addition of decimals from tenths up to thousandths place with this batch of worksheets. 'Download all' printables featured on this page.

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