Adding Multiple Decimals (3 or 4 Addends) | Decimal Worksheets

This collection of printable worksheets features decimal addition containing three or four addends. All our worksheets are aligned to the Common Core Standards. Practice some of these worksheets for free!

Three Addends: Tenths

Find the sum of each set of three decimal numbers given in the pdf worksheets. The whole number part of the decimal varies from ones up to hundreds place value while the decimal values remain in tenths place.

Three Addends: Hundredths

This series of printable worksheets requires students to add up the three decimals containing hundredths place value.

Three Addends: Thousandths

Provide learners sufficient practice to total up decimal values that extend up to three numbers in the decimal part. Pay attention when applying the regrouping concept to find the sum.

Three Addends: Mixed Review

Print and download this set of combined review worksheets to assess a student's skill in adding up three decimals containing up to thousandths place value.

Four Addends: Tenths

The list now gets longer! Get students to add up four decimal addends with place values that do not exceed tenths place. Each printable worksheet comprises twelve problems.

Four Addends: Hundredths

Sum up the four decimal numbers enumerated in each problem that contain two digits in the decimal part.

Four Addends: Thousandths

Tally up this set of decimal addition problems that contain four addends with thousandths place values.

Four Addends: Mixed Review

Employ this batch of revision pdf worksheets that comprise decimal place values up to thousandths.