Adding Decimals using the Grids | Decimal Worksheets

This ensemble of grid worksheets provides a strong learning platform to help the kids to practice decimal addition. The decimal numbers in the grid helps kids keep the numbers and decimal points in line. Students need to apply the regrouping concept wherever required to solve the addition problems.

Adding decimals: Tenths

Decimal numbers are presented on the grid for the ease of performing addition operations. Worksheets are classified into two levels based upon the place values.

Adding decimals: Hundredths

Add up decimals with hundredths place value with this set of grid worksheets. Each worksheet in this section comprises ten problems to be solved.

Adding decimals: Thousandths

The addition problems are aligned vertically on a grid to help students understand the place value of decimals. Apply the regrouping concept wherever required, to sum up the decimal values provided.

Adding decimals: Mixed review

Solve this series of combined review worksheets split into three levels on the basis of decimal place values.

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