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Roll, Slide, and Stack Worksheets

Packed in these printable roll, slide, and stack worksheets are interesting hands-on activities to encourage the curious little observers of kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 to experiment, watch, and compare the movements of 3D objects. Movements change not only based on the shape but also on the face they are laid on. When kids learn by doing, they never forget. Get them rolling, sliding, and stacking 3D figures, and observe the way different solids such as spheres, blocks, cones, and tubes move as they page through these pdfs. Don't forget to grab your free printable sample worksheet.

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Roll, Slide, and Stack | Complete the Table

How do 3D shapes move? Trigger a passion for learning by encouraging kindergarten and 1st grade kids to experiment with different 3-dimensional shapes. Get them to roll, stack, and slide each shape and record their observations in the table.

Will it Roll? Will it Slide? or Will it Stack?

Effectively inquire and make sense of the movements of solid figures in this roll, slide, and stack worksheet. Circle the solids that stack in Part A, in Part B check the solid shapes that slide, and in Part C, cross out the ones that roll.

Choosing Correct Movements of 3D Shapes

Shapes with a flat face can stack, and those with a curved face can roll easily. Keep your wooden solid shapes handy and try rolling, sliding, and stacking each 3D shape to figure out its movement(s).

Roll, Slide, Stack & Color Real-Life Objects

Investigate which of these real-life objects roll, slide, or stack. Hunt for the real-life object that matches the property in a set of three solids, and color the object.

Rolling, Sliding, and Stacking Real-Life 3D Objects

Go beyond memorizing attributes, and get first-hand knowledge by carrying out experiments with 3D objects by laying them on different faces. Record your observation by choosing the correct attributes in this pdf worksheet.

Movements of 3D Shapes | Cut and Glue Activity

Read each attribute that hints at a particular 3D figure. Grade 1 and grade 2 kids rattle their brains, to figure out the shape described, snip, and glue it in the corresponding box in this printable worksheet.