Surface Area of Spheres and Hemispheres Worksheets

The total area that the surface of the sphere or hemisphere occupies is what grade 7, grade 8, and high school students are expected to determine in these printable worksheets. The sphere, with no flat surfaces has the formula 4πr2. However, for the hemisphere, with a curved and a flat surface, we find the TSA, which is the sum of the CSA (half the surface area of a sphere) 2πr2 + area of the flat face: circle 2πr2; making it 3πr2. The trick, is to memorize the formula and use it appropriately. To do this effortlessly we have included a variety of exercises with dimensions presented as integers and decimals. Our free worksheets must be your pick to initiate practice.

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Surface Area of Spheres and Hemispheres | Integers - Easy

Determine the curved surface area of spheres and the total surface area of a hemisphere in these worksheets. Plugging the integer radius in appropriate formulas, and computing is not an uphill task, after all!

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Surface Area of Spheres and Hemispheres | Integers - Moderate

Rise to the challenge with these worksheets on finding the surface area of spheres and hemispheres where learners find the radius from the diameter and then substitute in relevant formulas and solve.

  • moderate 1
  • moderate 2
  • moderate 3

Surface Area of Spheres and Hemispheres | Decimals

Persuade students in grade 8 and high school to work their way through these pdfs for an ample practice in assigning the decimal dimensions in apt formulas to figure out the CSA of a sphere and TSA of a hemisphere.

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  • pdf 3

Surface Area of Spheres and Hemispheres | Missing Parameter

The surface area of the spheres and hemispheres is provided. High school students simply rearrange the formulas making the missing dimension the subject, and plug in the TSA or CSA to find the radius or diameter.

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