Number Bonds Worksheets

Number bond is a special concept to teach addition and subtraction. Number bond worksheets include simple addition of two addends; identifying missing addends; adding three and four digit numbers; three addends, addition tree and number bond templates.

Find the Sum:

Add the numbers and find the sum.

Number bond addition worksheets

Single-Digit: Easy

Single-Digit: Moderate

Two-Digit: Easy

Two-Digit: Moderate

Missing addends:

Use addition or subtraction to find the missing addend that makes the sum.

Missing addend worksheets

Single-Digit: Easy

Single-Digit: Moderate

Two-Digit: No Regrouping

Two-Digit: Regrouping

Number Bond: More Digits

This section is little complicating as it contains number bonds worksheets with the digits 3 and more.

Three-Digit: Easy

Three-Digit: Moderate

Four-Digit: Easy

Four-Digit: Moderate

Three Addends

Addition worksheets in this section include addition of three addends.

Addition: Three Addends

Number Bond: Easy

Number Bond: Difficult

Complex Bonding

A number is divided into two new numbers and each number further goes under destruction and forms two new numbers. Student should fill the missing numbers to make the bonding true.

Addition Tree Worksheets

Complex Number Bonding 1

Complex Number Bonding 2

Teacher Template

Create your own number bond worksheets using the template below.

Number bond templates

Number Bond Template: Two Addends

Number Bond Template: Three Addends

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