Surface Area of Non-Overlapping Rectangular Prisms Worksheets

Is that an uphill task for you to find the surface area of solid figures composed of rectangular prisms? Give wings to the little champ in you and ace the topic with this all-encompassing compilation of determining surface areas of non-overlapping rectangular prisms worksheets. Standing out with their steady progression from the basic to the advanced, these surface area of a L-shaped prism pdfs have dimensions represented in integers, decimals, and fractions. Practice our free worksheets and see what's in store for you.

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Surface Area of Solid Figures | Integers - Easy

Rejuvenate your youngsters by introducing these pdf worksheets supplied with integers less than 20. Decompose the L-shaped solid figure into rectangular prisms, work out the surface area of each figure, add them, and subtract the areas that are common for both the prims.

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Surface Area of Solid Figures | Integers - Moderate

Give your child an edge over their peers while finding the surface area of non-overlapping rectangular prisms, with this top-notch resource. These printable worksheets, which mark a transition from easy to moderate, are ideal for 6th grade.

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Surface Area of Solid Figures | Decimals

Get your students enjoying the process of finding the surface area of L-shaped prisms, with this ensemble of ready-to-print practice sheets featuring decimals. Split the given figure into non-overlapping rectangular prisms and use appropriate operations to calculate the surface area.

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Surface Area of Solid Figures | Fractions

Let 7th grade and 8th grade students rejoice in this set of surface area of non-overlapping rectangular prisms PDFs where dimensions are represented in fractions. While writing the answer, remember to represent the fraction in the lowest term.

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