Identifying Quadrilaterals Worksheets & Printable Activities

Download this bundle of amazing activity worksheets on identifying quadrilaterals; tailor-made for students of grade 2 and grade 3. Recognize, color and count the quadrilaterals, sort them as 'quadrilaterals' and 'not quadrilaterals', cut and paste activities, draw quadrilaterals, identify and name quadrilaterals based on properties and exercise your brain with the 'Who am I?' riddles; to mention a few.

Recognize, Color and Count the Quadrilaterals

Observe the shapes keenly and identify the quadrilaterals in this interesting batch of PDF worksheets. Color the quadrilaterals you find and count them to answer the question that follows.

Coloring Quadrilaterals

Figure out the different types of quadrilaterals with this set of worksheets. Identify the rhombuses, kites, rectangles, parallelograms and trapezoids or trapeziums and color them based on the color key.

Identifying Quadrilaterals

Reinforce the concept of identifying quadrilaterals with this array of grade 2 worksheets. Determine whether each shape provided is a 'quadrilateral' or 'not a quadrilateral' and label it accordingly.

Cut and Paste Activity

Snip the shapes, sort them as 'quadrilateral' or 'not a quadrilateral' and glue them in the appropriate columns of the T-chart. Read the properties and glue the correct name cards, and complete the flow chart by pasting the quadrilaterals as well.

Drawing Quadrilaterals

Connect the dots to draw the quadrilaterals mentioned in these third-grade worksheets. Draw squares, rectangles, kites, rhombuses and more and also sketch different quadrilaterals in the blank template.

Counting Quadrilaterals

Gear-up your practice session with this set of counting quadrilaterals worksheets. Identify the different types of quadrilaterals and count each one of them.

Naming Quadrilaterals | Level 1

Examine the quadrilaterals depicted with congruent sides and angles in each worksheet. Identify the quadrilaterals and name them accordingly.

Naming Quadrilaterals | Level 2

Level up with this array of naming quadrilaterals worksheets presented without indicating sides or angles. Direct students to use a ruler or trust their perception to label each one of the quadrilaterals.

Riddles | Who am I?

This set of worksheets, tests your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Recapitulate the properties of the six quadrilaterals to crack up all the 'Who am I?' questions.

The entire collection of worksheets on identifying quadrilaterals can be downloaded in a jiffy!