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Penny, Nickel, Dime and Quarter | U.S. Coins Worksheets

Augment handling money skills with worksheets focusing on denominations like penny, nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar. Navigate through an enormous collection of pdf worksheets beginning with identification and moving to counting coins with a variety of exercises like matching, cut and glue, count and write, coloring the required coins, deciding which item is affordable, making the same value with different coin combos and much more to make our little bankers from kindergarten through grade 3 money-smart. Get hold of some of these worksheets for free!

Match Coins to Value

Equip kids with the American money chart and help them observe the front and back face of each coin, identify the coin and match it to its name and value and recapitulate skills in recognizing American coins.

Count the Number of American coins

This batch of pdf worksheets is yet another step in helping kindergarten and 1st grade children identify pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars. Kids are expected to spot and count the number of coins of each denomination.

Identifying American Coins

Familiarize kids of grade 1 and grade 2 with the coins of various denominations using the American coins chart. Follow-up with these printable worksheets and check if kids are able to identify and name the coins and write their value.

Counting U.S. Coins

Kids love to count coins in piggy banks. This fun counting activity has been translated into pdf worksheets. Choose the denomination apt for your kids and get them to skip count and write the value in cents and dollars.

Counting Coins | Mixed Review

Hone skills in counting money with these worksheets featuring various combinations of coins. Each worksheet consists of three sections: count coins in the first, add in the next and solve word problems too.

Counting and Ordering

Direct 3rd grade kids to count the coins of various denominations, write their value, order them in ascending order and then map the letters associated with each value to find a mystery animal.

Color the U.S. coins to show the amount

Are you game for some shopping? Instruct kids of grade 3 to read the amount on the price tag and identify the coins required to buy the item and then color the coins as well.

Count the coins and match to its value

This printable batch of simple worksheets helps strengthen counting money skills. Kids count the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars and match to the corresponding value expressed in cents and dollars.

Count the coins and circle what can you buy?

Work on decision-making skills with this section of money worksheets. Let kids count the coins and decide which of the three items is affordable and circle it to complete the exercises.

U.S. Money | Cut and Paste Activity

Snip the coins and fill the clutches, piggy banks or coin pouches is all kids are expected to do with this engaging pdf activity. Kids skip count to make up the indicated amount and glue the correct number of specified coins.

Equivalent Coins

Reaffirm money counting skills with this bundle of printable worksheets. Let 2nd grade kids skip count and add coins of two different denominations, write the equivalent value and express it in the specified unit.

Equivalent Coins Matching

Grade 2 kids count the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars in each set on either side of the worksheets and draw lines to connect the sets that sum up to the same amount.

American Coin Combinations | How much more?

Reinforce counting skills with these pdf worksheets where kids draw the extra coins needed to complete each transaction in the first part and draw the specfic number of coins to make the indicated amount in the second part.

Same Amount using Different Coins Combos

Represent the value mentioned, by expressing it using two different combinations of coins. The objective here is to assist kids in comprehending the fact that different combinations can make up the same amount.