Expository Writing Prompts

Writing is not just fun galore, it's an instant tool to inform, describe and expose. In expository writing, children write a complete informative or a revelatory piece about a topic; the difference between this form of writing and the creative and persuasive forms is that the former seeks to inform, while the latter either ignites a spark of creativity or drives home a strong message. All of this and more form the crux of our expository writing prompts worksheets.

Expository Writing Prompts for Grade 1

Benefit from these grade 1 expository writing prompts, which are so cute that the little champs would want to visit the page time and again. The writing pieces include the snowman, magic wand, and S'mores.

Expository Writing Prompts for Grade 2

Taking it up a notch, grade 2 worksheets help kids write the fun-and-taste steps involved in a Christmas tree and chocolate chip cookies. They also write about their favorite Mother's Day craft.

Expository Writing Prompts for Grade 3

Utilize the grade 3 expository writing prompts worksheets with topics that can't have been better chosen. Kids write about an ice cream sundae, a treehouse and the importance of classroom rules.

Expository Writing Prompts for Grade 4

For grade 4, the expository writing prompts are all the more captivating. Kids deal with a bigger range of topics like an Easter egg, plastic bottles and a Halloween pumpkin. Have fun!

Expository Writing Prompts for Grade 5

Grade 5 children produce a little more detailed expository pieces. With topics as diverse as snowboarding, a sandcastle and slumber party, there is no dearth of fun though.