Opinion Writing Prompts

In life, there are things we like and things we loathe. They are the little choices we make. Then there are things we strongly feel about. Kids should be trained to articulate their opinions right from a tender age. Our opinion writing prompts worksheets are spot on, encouraging kids from grade 1 to grade 5 to open their hearts on a plethora of topics. While the tiny tots tell us about their pets and pastimes, kids from the higher grades write a candid piece on more demanding topics.

First Grade Opinion Writing Prompts

Kids, do you crave some vanilla ice cream or is it the chocolate that you can't get enough of? Grade one kids write simple persuasive pieces about their favorite pet, ice cream and pastime. They choose one answer and write one or two sentences about it.

Second Grade Opinion Writing Prompts

A lot of children are fascinated by snow, but there are others who are averse to it. In these cute opinion prompts worksheets, kids tell us if they like or dislike snow, how they love or hate vegetables and fruits, and what their choicest board game is.

Third Grade Opinion Writing Prompts

Children equip their opinions with a little insight. They write if they are happy about the duration of their recess, answer a question of national interest, and discuss an important issue concerning animals.

Fourth Grade Opinion Writing Prompts

With questions about food, house and play, these opinion writing prompts worksheets are twice as fun. Kids talk us through where they like to live, what food they wish to eat and where they want to play.

Fifth Grade Opinion Writing Prompts

In these persuasive writing prompts, kids give well-thought-out answers to what they like to explore more: the oceans or the space, what the pros and cons of having siblings are, and where they want to spend their holidays.