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Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Our free reading comprehension worksheets are the very definition of vast and varied. The sheer depth of coverage in this collection encompasses story comprehension, reading passages, poems, and informational texts. With each passage crafted to match grade requirements, these exercises are a must-have to assess the reading and interpretation skills of students.

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A Monster From Long Ago | Non-fiction

Get kids to read the passage about the fascinating and ferocious T-Rex, in this reading comprehension worksheet and make smart inferences to answer the questions that follow.

The Tooth Fairy | Poem

Keep your eyes wide open, for if you blink, you may miss the tooth fairy! Instruct children to read the poem, interpret the figurative language used, and answer the questions.

The Seasons | Non-fiction

Hop from spring to summer to fall to winter over and over again as you track the seasonal patterns of the planet. Utilize the information and race to complete this printable exercise.

Ooloo Takes a Bath | Fiction

Get ready for oodles of fun, alien style! Read about Little Ooloo's misadventures as he tries to have fun while getting squeaky clean in the bathtub, and write crisp and concise answers.

History of New York City | Non-fiction

Learn what makes the Big Apple the ultimate city of dreams and desires. Take a trip back in time and know the historical significance of New York City in this informational passage worksheet.

The Presidential Residence

The White House stands tall, with all its glory and grandeur in proud display. Get to know interesting facts about this legendary building and bear them in mind to succeed in this segment.

A Time Capsule from 1883

A blast from the past tucked away safely in a comprehension passage, this free worksheet elucidates the significance of time capsules to glean information about a time in the past.

North America

Taking a leaf out of the geography book, this exercise focuses on North America's diversity and variety. Choose the correct option and write short notes to complete the exercise.

They're Coming | Fiction

Incorporate science fiction into comprehension practice with this story. Let the brilliant little twist at the end take little ones by surprise, before they move on to the questions.

Amanda's Trip | Fiction

The best stories are the ones that take an unexpected turn at the end. In this story comprehension worksheet, pay attention to the plot, and figure out the answers to the questions.

Mousy's Lucky Day | Fiction

Join Mousy as he goes through a day when Lady Luck decides to smile at him. Go through this pdf reading passage carefully and come up with the answers to complete the exercise.

Packrat's Perfect Treasure | Fiction

The more fictional pieces in your comprehension sessions, the better, for they add fun and flavor like no other. Children are sure to enjoy reading this story by Guy Belleranti.

Lucky Day at the Beach | Non-fiction

Discover the joys of beachcombing in this reading passage. Learn how to find little treasures buried under the sand and use your newfound knowledge to conquer this exercise.

Extreme Weather

Witness the worst of bad weather in this pdf that explicates extreme weather phenomena such as blizzards and hurricanes and tests learners' understanding using a set of questions.


Prepare yourself for a bit of science fun in the midst of reading practice. This reading passage worksheet offers students an impactful rundown of the all-important process of photosynthesis.